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Sometimes its really difficult to choose where to eat. There are too many varieties to choose from. You might be hungry but looking at the menu may confuse you. How about having a number of variety in one single platter.Mostly every restaurant has its own chef’s special which obviously, must be the top rated dish on their menu. So, to try this chef’s special veg. platter we went to Cafe Village Highway, situated on the streets of chakrata road. Opposite to FRI this place serves world cuisine exclusively prepared by their in-house chefs with occasional live music.


As the name suggest the outlook and the interior is village theme based. From walls to roof, decoration to the way of serving water in brass glasses, this place has a rural vibes to it. The whole aura of the cafe is quite relaxing. It is divided into two floors. Ground floor has arrangement like local cafes. At one corner are the wooden stairs that lead you to the first floor. this part of the cafe is made for parties and bar services.We would not deny that their service was quick and the staff was kind. This place is convenient enough for both party and dining.


Coming to the menu cafe village highway serves Mexican, Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisine. We ordered this veg. platter which is a compilation of Italian, Indian and Tibetan snacks. Platter consists of momos, veg. falafel, cheese cutlets and honey chilly potato. Quality and presentation is excellent. This platter is quite heavy to eat but is surely worth a try. Talking about the cost, we personally think this dish wasn’t worth the cost. Overall we give this place a huge thumbs up. If you are nearby this area, cafe village highway i surely a good option to visit.


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