Tribes of momo

The most wanted street food in India.

Momo is like a south Asian dumpling. They are native to Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and other north indian regions. Originally momo were made by steaming but today they are prepared using what not! Fried, vegetarian, non. Vegetarian, tandoori, malai, cheese, kothey and even chocolate momo are available in the market. I belong to a place where each and every street has a momo foodstall. Well, I am from Dehradun and believe me momo are the only love of the people of my city. Momo has stolen the hearts of people all over the time. Speaking personaly, my grandmaa never had chinese food or just a simple fast food but now that i’ve made her eat it, she has become a true momo fan.



Do you know what a perfect momo is? Soft thin crust , fully stuffed and when you take your first bite it just melts in your mouth. Chuttny or sauce served with momo has a big role to play in influencing the whole taste. Compared to the rest of the world Indians eat a lot of spices. Originally the filling and sauce wasn’t as spicy as they are made today. If you go to a Tibetan restaurant and eat their traditional momo you will see the difference. They have boiled vegetable filling with a pinch of salt and pepper in it. I’ve observed a lot of people serve mayonnaise with momo which gives the whole dish a complete new taste. I am not sure how many of you have tried a fancy looking platter of tandoori momo so, here’s a look-

swings cafe


When you think about food obviously it is lot of  flavours, but I think we eat with our eyes first. It is said that a chef must plate like an artist and we must that swings café’s chef is truly an artist to this art. They are just tandoori momo but look how mouthwatering they are! In the picture you can see they served green chuttny which is not as common as compared to the red chutney but here it just fitted so well that I didn’t had to ask for other sauces. Fried onion and capsicum gave it more crunch and rawness. Talking about the quantity I felt we could have got some more but anyways I was fully satisfied with the taste. Coming to the next tribe, we got you kothey momo-

KC soup bar

Kothey are the pan fried momo with a lot of juice in them. I don’t know how but they have a different taste. These are from KC soup bar which is in service since 1989. Also you can see they have served it in a bamboo basket along with three different chuttny. The mustard sauce here caught my attention and when I tried these kothey momo with this yellow sauce they turned out delicious in taste that I didn’t even try other sauces. I would suggest you all to try momo with some mustard sauce/chuttny and let us know how you good or bad find it. Next we have one of the most trending momo these days that is- tandoori afghani momo.

Angethi- hot drive

These are from a very famous place in Dehradun called angethi-hot drive. The thing I like about this specific momo is that as soon as you take your first bit , you feel a burst of flavours in your mouth. Plus, they give some salad  with is tossed in a little bit of malai and afgani gravy with add a plus point to the whole plate. Also, they serve all this at very genuine price. There are other options as well like- achari and malai gravy. You may choose as per your taste. At last we have the most basic and all time favourite steamed momos.

I don’t think so we need to elaborate on this tribe of momo . Just one word for steamed momo- love.


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